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I'm Nikolai Patrick. I am a secondary student located in South Australia. I am interested in many things such as programming, web design, electronics engineering, photgraphy, geocaching, and more. I created this website to share some of these things. On my photography page, I have a portfolio of some of my best photos. Feel free to use or download those photos, head over to my contact page to get permission from me first and remember to give credit. On my projects page, I list the latest projects I have been working on with pictures and documentation. I also enjoy composing and listening to classical music, as well as playing the piano.

Computer programming is very interesting for me. I have learnt the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, and Python. I think learning how to code is a skill everybody should learn and helps develop a deep understanding of how computers operate and communicate. Its is also essential to the way we shape the software and the internet as we know it today.

Responsive web design
I am keen in the science behind making websites dynamic, responsive, and compatible with a broad range of device shapes/sizes. When I made this site, I wanted to fit as many device sizes as possible while still keeping the content clean, simple, and easy to navigate. This is often especially challenging with small mobile devices, where space is valuble and content is almost always in a vertical format which makes look content very different.

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt game where participants use GPS technology to find a container with a logbook inside. They can be hidden anywhere (there are some restrictions to that of course) and found by anyone at any time with a GPS device, such as a phone. They can come many different shapes and sizes and often employ field puzzles to to gather clues of where the cache is of to reveal the coordinates of the cache. I think they are a great mix of teaching skills, such as cracking codes, solving puzzles, learning how GPS technology works, solving mathematical equations, as well as being a great way to get out side and get some excersize while also teaching you about the area and exploring new places. You can find my Geocaching profile on my Contact page under socials.

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